'Mac Sabbath' Cover Band Performs Black Sabbath As McD's Characters

Black Sabbath cover bands are probably a dime a dozen, but one L.A.-based foursome has made a name for itself by singing burger-themed Black Sabbath songs while dressed as McDonald's characters.

According to LAist, the band known as "Mac Sabbath" is a foursome of rockers who perform Black Sabbath songs dressed as Ronald McDonald, Grimace, the Hamburglar, and Mayor McCheese. They even alter the lyrics of the Black Sabbath songs to make them about burgers, fries, and drive-thru value meals and on the band's Facebook page they describe their genre as "Drive-Thru Metal."

The band sings songs with titles like "Sweet Beef" and "Chicken for the Slaves," and one song is a cover of Black Sabbath's famous "Iron Man" that is now called "Frying Pan."

The actual Black Sabbath even gave the drive-thru themed version its own endorsement by posting a link on their Facebook page. Fan reactions were mixed, with a few fans expressing sentiments like, "How awesome is this?" while others said merely, "Stupid."