Ma Poule's Duck Sandwich at Torvehallerne

This Sandwich of the Week features a duck sandwich from an outdoor market in Copenhagen

Ma Poule's Duck Confit Sandwich

In the heart of Copenhagen, in the neighborhood of Indre By, is a world-renowned food market known as Torvehallerne. This market features more than 80 stalls and stands, offering everything from fresh Danish pastries and sweets to local fish, meats, and vegetables. It is an essential stop for tourists with an empty stomach and one that will certainly leave them happy. Quite possibly the most notable offering in this glass emporium comes from the Ma Poule stall, a French-inspired poultry shop with a mouthwatering duck confit sandwich.

While standing in line for the only sandwich Ma Poule has to offer, hungry patrons can witness the huge vats of duck confit being prepared by charming French chefs. The duck crisps up in the bottom of the pan, providing a textural contrast to the otherwise tender, melting consistency of the meat, which is almost similar to that of pulled pork. The duck is piled onto a crispy baguette dressed with a light mustard and watercress. Simplicity is the key to building this sandwich, and the preparation allows for the duck to speak for itself. The first time I tried this sandwich I immediately knew that it was simply the best sandwich I had ever tasted, stunning me with such a unique combination of crispness and tenderness. For a mere 55 DKK (or roughly $9.50, but let's try not to think about that), this sandwich is definitely one to go bragging to all of your friends about.

If the duck sandwich does not fill you up, meander throughout the rest of the market to sample cured meats, cheeses, and dips. It's not uncommon to have quite the meal at the market without spending a cent, thanks to the generosity of the stall owners. Torvehallerne is a gem in the center of Copenhagen and should be a priority for anyone travelling the area.

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