Lucky Charms Is Giving Away 15,000 Boxes of Rainbow and Unicorn Marshmallows

That’s right, just marshmallows, and the best two shapes at that

Face it: The best part of Lucky Charms cereal is the colorful marshmallow bits, in glorious colors and fun shapes. No one denies this. (Or if they do, they’re wrong.) Now, those of us who feel the cereal would be much improved if those pesky cereal bits just skedaddled out of the box have a chance to win a box filled only with the two best marshmallow bits: Lucky Charms unicorn and rainbow marshmallows.

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"It's no secret that Lucky Charms fans love the marshmallows," Scott Baldwin, director of marketing for cereal at General Mills, said in a statement. "Consumers have flooded our inboxes and swept our social feeds begging for Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only to return. You asked, and we listened!"

But you can’t just go out and buy a box of unicorn and rainbow heaven. You need to buy a specially marked box of Lucky Charms, available now through summer. Go to and enter the code found on the inside panel of the box to see if you’ve won. 15,000 lucky eaters will receive a box of Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only sent to them.

Just look at how beautiful they are, as shown in this Lucky Charms Instagram photo. It’s a pretty pile of perfection. This is like a Charlie Bucket golden ticket contest, but better.

Lucky Charms has gone marshmallow-only before, but the cereal keeps hiking up the stakes.  In 2015, only 10 winners received a marshmallow-only box. In 2017, 10,000 winners were named. Now there are 15,000 chances to win, plus the marshmallows are curated this time, offering just rainbow and unicorn shapes.


The rainbow marshmallow is a familiar treat – that shape came to Lucky Charms in 1992. The unicorn marshmallow was introduced in February 2018, and was the cereal’s first new shape in 10 years, replacing the horseshoe. While you wait to see if you’re a Lucky Charms lucky winner, check out what your favorite Lucky Charms marshmallow says about you.