Lowest-Paid Workers Mostly In Food Industry

While we may spend most of our days eating ramen on our writers' salaries, we will say that looking at this list of the worst-paid occupations of all time does make us count our blessings.

According to the Labor Department's latest numbers, seven out of the 10 lowest-paying jobs are in the food or hospitality industry. Shampooers are at the bottom of the list, making some $18,600 a year, but food prep and servers only make $120 more, at $18,720 a year.

Fast-food cooks and dishwashers are next on the ladder ($18,780 and $18,930, respectively); workers who work at cafeterias, concession stands, and coffee shops make $19,430.

Meanwhile, hosts and hostesses make $19,570 (we're not sure if Girls' Marnie was making much more, but she must to afford a New York apartment); meanwhile, dining room, cafeteria, and bartender helpers make $19,690.

Finally, the last of the lot, farm workers and laborers tend to make $19,990 a year. And while that is some $1,300 more than shampooers, when compared to the average pay for all occupations ($45,790), it's all a little disheartening. Come on; Guy Fieri makes $100,000 an hour for speaking. Surely we can pay our farmers a little bit more?