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What are the best beers for your diet?

Beer puts you in a bit of a bind: most light beer is kind of gross, and regular beer has a lot of calories.

Let's be honest with ourselves here: if you are on a serious diet and are trying to drop some pounds and get that figure ready for shorts weather, beer is not your friend. Booze, generally speaking, isn't going to be beneficial to any diet you're on, as it is basically a bunch of extra carbs and useless sugars with no nutritional benefit. If you're going to drink on a diet, you should probably be opting for vodka and soda or a small glass of heart-healthy red wine

In our recent story Best Alcoholic Drinks for Your Diet, we detailed all of your best booze to opt for if you're on a weight loss kick — and absolutely can't do without a drink or two while you slim down. Beer puts you in a bit of a bind: most light beer is kind of gross, and regular beer has a lot of calories. It’s a sad situation, really. If you do want to opt for light bere, take a look at our Light Beer Taste Test, where we down all the gross ones and find out which are the best so you don't have to.

For a pale beer, though, we'll recommend Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, and for a dark? Nothing beats Guinness Draught. Who knew Guinness was one of the easiest full calorie beers on the waistline? One 12 ounce glass of Guinness is only 128 calories.

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