Lower Manhattan Food Hall May Get Marc Forgione, Michael Mina

The New York Post reports that 3 chefs are vying for a spot for a food hall in New York

Marc Forgione

It seems like the food hall trend is expanding even more; the New York Post reports that three chefs are vying for a chance to helm a food marketplace in lower Manhattan. The contenders? Marc Forgione (Iron Chef), Stephen Starr (Buddakan and Morimoto), and Michael Mina.

The three are reportedly trying to win control of a 25,000-square-foot market in lower Manhattan, where they'll sell fresh produce, meals, and wines, following the success of Mario Batali's Eataly and Todd English's Food Hall in the Plaza (which English plans to expand to Chicago, he tells us).

According to the Post, Forgione is in the lead. Representatives tell us that Christopher Blumlo, the managing partner of Restaurant Marc Forgione, is actually in talks to develop the project. "Blumlo has concepted a large scale American food and beverage marketplace for New York City and is in discussions with many chefs around the country (including chefs Marc and Larry Forgione) to be on a culinary council for the project once a location is selected," a representative tells us.

Similarly, a food hall is in the works in Tribeca, bringing in Blue Bottle Coffee, Dickson's Farmstand Meats, Cavaniola Cheese, and Blue Marble Ice Cream, among others. Whether or not this is the same space as the "lower Manhattan food hall" is uncertain; Tribeca Citizen reports that the space is only 2,200 square feet.