Low-Sodium Tips From Sodium Girl

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There has been a lot written and discussed in recent years about the increase in sodium in our diets. Because of the convenience of processed foods and ready-made meals, many consumers have a difficult time keeping their sodium intake under control. But Jessica Goldman Foung believes that eating a low-sodium diet is easier than most people think.

Goldman Foung is the blogger behind Sodium Girl and now has a new cookbook, Sodium Girl's Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook. She became interested in the topic when she faced her own health crisis and needed to cut sodium out of her diet. "I decided from the very beginning that I would do with my own two hands what I could do to take care of myself, and that meant going on a salt-free low-sodium diet," she says. "But I also wanted to eat really good food — so that meant rewriting the low-sodium rules and a few years later I decided it was time to start a blog, I named it Sodium Girl."

Watch the video above to get Goldman Foung's advice for getting started on a low-sodium diet and if you want more low-sodium recipes you can pick up the book!