Lovecraft: A Tale Worth Telling

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Photo Credit: Lovecraft NYC

Photo Credit: Lovecraft NYC

50 Ave. B,
New York, NY 10009

Childhood horror stories: the terrifying tales you told at sleepovers after sneaking out of the house, eating junk food, and playing practical jokes.

Now as an adult (sort of), horror stories are what you tell your friends Saturday morning after shamefully sneaking out of girl's apartments, drinking too much alcohol, and making one too many bad decisions.

Wouldn't it be nice to go back to the childhood version, when telling a horror story didn't mean reliving your Friday night escapades? Well lucky for you, you sort of can.

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Meet Lovecraft: the new East Village bar where the only horror stories are the ones that H.P Lovecraft himself created. H.P Lovecraft (the person) was (and still is) one of the most influential authors of horror fiction around, and this new bar is pretty much his work reincarnated. Filled with Lovecraft's most famous literary monster, you'll be sure to experience a grown up horror story that you'll actually want to tell your friends about.

Your probably wondering what we mean by the whole filled with a literary monster thing. Don't worry; there won't be people in costumes chasing you (unless you're into that sort of thing). What we mean is that you'll meet Lovecraft's most famous monster Cthulhu, the evil deity that's part man, party dragon and part octopus (no that is not Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean), who's hanging on the walls and if you're feeling brave, you can head to the bar and meet the liquid version of Cthulhu: The Green God. But seriously, you better have your big boy pants on for this introduction. The Green God is literally made of absinthe that's distilled through sugar, set on fire in front of you and then put out with lemon water. Talk about terrifying.

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So go ahead, try out Lovecraft and experience an adult horror story that your childhood self won't be ashamed of.

By Stephanie Hartmann

Stephanie Hartmann writes and edits content for E.S.P Eat See Play for CBS New York.