Love 'True Blood'? Throw a Season 5 Wrap Party!

Gear up for True Blood's final episode of the season with these themed party ideas

Get in the mood while watching True Blood's season 5 finale with these original ideas.

Parties are a huge tradition in our home, particularly around the TV shows we love. My favorite is the True Blood wrap party with our friends who share the obsession. We start by serving up thick and juicy Merlotte’s burgers with extra-thick patties, cheese, and slathered in toppings, including sweet barbecue sauce.

We make thick hand-cut fries from scratch, lightly salted, and heaps of coleslaw. While enjoying our burgers we talk about the season and make bets on how the season will end. Just before the final episode airs, I put out the True Blood buffet — snacks we munch on through the final episode. Here is the season five True Blood wrap party buffet, which you can easily replicate at home. 

True Blood-y Marys — Our True Bloody Marys are a huge hit because we use an extreme amount of grenadine; this makes them extra sweet and extra bloody. Add heaps of grenadine to any white soda (we like ginger ale) and top with a red licorice rope cut in half, with each half inserted to use as straws.

Alcide’s Wolf Treats — Cut dog bone shapes out of pre-made roll cookie dough, bake, and decorate. Write the names of your guests, their dogs, and always have one or two for Alcide. Wolf guests will be pleased that you set something special aside for them. 

Shifter Shakes — Serve mini milkshakes with homemade whipped cream in cordial glasses or shot glasses. We had a mini shot of rum to each to give them a Southern kick. Depending on what you want to shift in to, label the shakes: rabbit, snake, eagle, and mouse. 

Sookie’s Fairy Mints — Fill a martini glass with a variety of mints or marshmallows. This year I’ve chosen chocolate-mint flavored marshmallows — they’re pretty, soft, and will help your fairy guests sustain their sun powers through the show. 

Silver Heart Necklaces — You never know when a member of The Authority might drop by, so arm your guests with silver heart necklaces. Take tin foil and press into a large heart-shaped cookie cutter. Pierce a hole for a string or ribbon. 

"Fangs for the Memories" Gift Bag — Place extra treats inside sandwich bags to give your guests a clever parting gift. Then place the plastic bags with treats in a paper "doggie bag" (the wolves will love it!) with a tag on front that reads "Fangs for the Memories."

The season finale of True Blood airs this Sunday, Aug. 26 at 9 p.m. EST (8 p.m. Central) on HBO.

Paula Conway, Conway Confidential