Japanese Chain Lotteria Rolls Out Potato Chip Burgers

The Japanese burger chain Lotteria has introduced some very surprising novelty burgers in the past. Once they released a freakishly huge burger with five patties on it. Then they took things in a completely different direction and released a burger with no patty at all. This time, though, Lotteria has been uncharacteristically restrained in its burger development, because the new product is a burger topped with potato chips, and it actually looks pretty great.

According to Rocket News 24, the new potato chip burgers are part of a collaboration between Lotteria and Japanese potato chip company Calbee. There are two options: a cheese potato chip burger with a beef patty, and a "salad chicken" potato chip burger that has lettuce and tomato and potato chips served on top of a chicken patty. Both look pretty amazing, and the crispy potato chips are designed to add a nice bit of crunch to the burgers' texture. The new burgers sell for $3.39 and $3.15, respectively, and will be available for a limited time.

In addition to the potato chip burgers, Lotteria and Calbee also came out with a line of seasoned French fry shakers. Those are bags of French fries that are intended to be shaken up to cover the fries with specialty seasonings like Consommé W Punch, Wasabi Beef,  Rich Salt, and Dark Nori Seaweed Salt.