Looking For Unique? Look to Cellar Door Supper Club

Staff Writer
This San Diego “supper club” offers distinctive dining events, not just meals
San Diego Reader

The word “restaurant” is thrown around a lot these days, but perhaps no establishment in San Diego stretches the term quite like Cellar Door. It’s a self-advertised supper club, wherein guests can come to the ten-seat table and be a part of a multi-course, themed dinner.

Cellar Door states on its website that “we host dinner parties in our home for our friends and their friends, so we can all try new, exciting types of food!” In the past, these dinners have included gluten-free and Mardi Gras themes.  The owners, Gary McIntire and Logan Mitchell, started this pop-up supper club in their apartment in 2011, and have been cooking gourmet meals ever since for San Diego residents looking to dine outside the mainstream. Dinner events are typically held a few times per month.

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So how to get a seat? Those interested can sign up for the email list through Cellar Door’s Facebook page, and be notified about the limited spots available for future dinner parties.