A Look at Wine Country in Santa Cruz, California

Where to stop in Santa Cruz and San Jose, California

A look at Santa Cruz, Calif. and its wine country.

California's home to many renowned wine regions, some well-equipped to handle tourists, others less so. For some regions it’s a question of terrain, for others location, but that shouldn’t keep intrepid travelers from making an extra effort to visit these regions — particularly when they produce world class wines like those of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

A lot of people may not be familiar with the Santa Cruz Mountains AVA, though it's located only about an hour south of San Francisco, making it an easy day-trip for visitors to that glorious city. One reason for the relative anonymity might be that it's a large AVA with relatively few wineries, meaning a fair amount of travel, often via narrow country roads that wind through hills (which if you ask me is just another reason to visit).

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— Gregory Del Piaz, Snooth