Look at the Way This Baby Eats

Watermelons never looked so cute
Funny Baby Eats

Look at the things we do to our kids.

The world went through a phase of putting their babies in odd places for photo opportunities. Sure, a baby inside a pumpkin come Halloween is adorable, but you never really think about what goes into this event beyond the photo taking. We are sure that dozens of babies screamed, kicked, and cried their way out of those oversized fruits. But you probably didn’t expect to see this:

This little one knows how to seize an opportunity! This baby, who was clearly set up, decided that he would rather eat the watermelon than sit in it.

Speaking of adorable and hilarious babies, check out these videos:

Baby Hates the Food

Thumbs down mom!

Pretty Baby

This little one thinks food is fashionable! Fast-forward to 1:08.

Sleepy Eats

These poor kids are trying so hard to stay awake so they can finish their meals! 

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