A Look Inside Tupelo Honey Café's New Cookbook

Tupelo Honey Café's second cookbook focuses on simple, comforting Southern flavors with lots of history

Tupelo Honey Café's newest cookbook honors Southern cooking and its influences.

The newest cookbook from Tupelo Honey Café executive chef (and former farmer) Brian Sonuskus and food writer Elizabeth Sims is out, and we had a chance to preview the guide to nouveau Southern cuisine.

Tupelo Honey Café: New Southern Flavors from the Blue Ridge Mountains is the restaurant’s second cookbook, and it turns the rich and varied history of the American South into comforting dishes that will resonate with lovers of Southern food.

From an Appalachian Limoncello (lemons, vodka, sugar, and hot water) and Smoked Hog-Jowl with Lima Beans and Tarragon to an East Tennessee Country-Fried Stuffed Quail with Benton’s Smoky Mushroom Gravy, the cookbook honors the medley of cultures that have contributed to the history of the region, including Scots-Irish, Dutch, and Cherokee.

Each ingredient list is short and easy to understand, including a recipe for Tupelo Honey Roast Prime rub consisting of two ingredients: prime rib roast and steak seasoning blend. And although full of autumnal colors and harvest imagery, the book can’t help but feel summery, which is perfect for the book’s big breakfasts and fruit-filled desserts.

All in all, New Southern Flavors is a cheerful guide to “hillbilly culture” that offers a useful compilation of accessible recipes for home cooks. 


Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy.