London's Yo! Sushi's New Helicopter Waiter

According to the Daily Mail, Yo! Sushi in London has revealed a new mini helicopter to serve its customers instead of a traditional waiter. The chain has revealed the new tool in its Soho location in the central part of the city. As of now, the restaurant has four routers, which can travel 25 miles per hour, or about 6 times the average walking speed of a waiter.

The helicopter is called the iTray, which is controlled with an iPad. The waiters tip the iPad the direction they want the food to travel. There are currently two of these flying gadgets in operation.

This is not the first time the chain has introduced new restaurant technology. They were the first UK restaurant to use conveyer belt systems and speaking robot trolleys.

The gadget is being introduced in junction with the restaurants Yo! Burger, a new menu item. The burger replaces traditional buns with Japanese toasted rice. The burger also replaces traditional beef with teriyaki chicken, kimchi salmon, prawn katsu, tilapia katsu (whitefish) or tofu katsu.

It remains to be seen if the helicopter trend will catch on, but for now, the tool is delighting customers and causing quite the buzz.