London Fire Brigade Slammed For Mocking Burning Restaurant

In the event of a fire, one hopes the fire brigade will show up quickly to help. One does not normally expect the firefighters to publicly mock the victims on Twitter afterwards, but that is exactly what happened to one London restaurant this weekend.

According to the BBC, a massive fire broke out at the Dinerama pop-up food market in London's trendy Shoreditch neighborhood early Sunday morning. It reportedly took 35 firefighters two hours to contain the blaze, which caused significant damage to about half the building. Afterwards, however, the London Fire Brigade announced on Twitter that "no hipsters were injured" in the fire, which did not sit well with everyone.



The "hipster" quip divided the audience, with some thinking it was funny to make fun of the customers at the area's trendy restaurants, and others chiding the Fire Brigade for making fun of the situation after people had lost their livelihoods. The Dinerama market was home to six sit-down restaurants, as well as "street shacks," food trucks, and bars. The damage was extensive, and Dinerama will reportedly be closed for at least a few weeks becase of the fire.

Later that evening, the Twitter account posted an apology and said the London Fire Brigade hopes the Shoreditch businesses are back on their feet soon.