London Bridge

A3 London Bridge (btwn City of London & Southwark)
London, Greater London E C4R


  • London Bridge was once crowded with buildings and prone to fires. It survived the 1666 Great Fire because an earlier fire had destroyed houses at the north end, creating a fire break!
  • We've got a documentary on the history of London Bridge available to listen to while you are here. Click this tip to get the mp3
  • Until rebuilt in Victorian times (and again since), the bridge used to be a little to the east. It used to pass hard up against the church you see on the north side (St Magnus the Martyr).
  • Be sure to bring some sheep with you as it is still legal to take a flock of sheep across London Bridge without been charged a toll. That's a result if I don't say so myself. Fancy it, anyone?
  • Herkesin gremesi gereken bir yer
  • London Bridge is falling down.
  • History buffs - watch the surface of the water when the tide is going out. Swirls and eddies show the location of the old London Bridge foundations below water.
  • If you are looking at the large bridge with the two towers and the blue cables, you are at Tower Bridge, NOT London Bridge. A common mistake.
  • great views, lift your head up and take a look around! (via Scoville)
  • The west side is normally less busy than the east side to cross the bridge
  • Come in the morning on a weekday and see the masses walking from London Bridge train station towards the city.... It is insane. There is also a quote written on the pavement, discover!
  • Olagan st bir yer burasi. Tavsiyem odur ki muhakkak gelmelisiniz
  • A ponte linda de dia, mas noite ainda mais pois ela fica iluminada! :)
  • You've probably confused this with Tower Bridge; a bit sexier as bridges go. Don't blame yourself, the Americans have a track record of doing the same. Face the Shard and look left. There we go.
  • The name London Bridge is often mistakenly applied to Tower Bridge, which is the next bridge downstream (with the towers).
  • Admire the view.
  • The real London Bridge always seem to have more human traffic in the early morning rush and the end of day stampede. Here's where to feel get a sense of the city's workforce. Plus a good viewpoint.
  • One of the best view in the city.. Great walk to the shops and restaurants in the area.
  • Linda demais! Recomendo passar em dois perodos para apreciar a beleza
  • Grate place to relax and walk by the river!

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