Live Nation Amphitheaters To Source Foods Locally And Responsibly

Entertainment company Live Nation has announced that it will be making a number of significant changes to its dining options: it will be serving locally grown produce, meat products from responsibly raised animals as designated by The Humane Society of the United States, and vegetarian meal options in its 38 amphitheaters in North America. The changes will take effect as soon as this month.

"Our goal is to provide food that is defined by both a sense of place and a sense of responsibility by those who farm it for future generations of music fans," reads a new part of Live Nation's website devoted to their new food program.

According to the press release, all produce — lettuce, tomatoes, and onions — will be sourced from farms local to each venue; the hamburgers, hot dogs, Italian sausages, and chicken tenders that the amphitheaters sell will all carry Certified Humane, Global Animal Partnership, or Animal Welfare Approved certification.

Vegetarian customers will, for the first time, have the option of ordering a veggie burger or a meal designed by Top Chef star and James Beard Award-winner Hugh Acheson especially for Live Nation. Acheson — who, on his website, says that his food mantra is "local first, sustainable second, organic third" — will also serve as counsel as the company reimagines its food policies.