New York Has a $100 Liquid Platinum Margarita

It’s OK to drink silver in a very expensive cocktail

Delilah in New York is serving a $100 Liquid Platinum Margarita that looks like a glass full of molten metal.

People have been putting edible gold in food and cocktails forever, but now one New York restaurant is making things even fancier with a limited-edition “Liquid Platinum Margarita,” and it actually looks like a glass full of liquid metal.

The Liquid Platinum Margarita is designed to be the height of swankiness. It’s made with Gran Patron Platinum tequila, which sells for $200 a bottle, mixed with Dolin, rose water, agave syrup, and lime juice. Then it’s mixed with edible platinum color and a pinch of xantham gum, which makes the cocktail look like something out of Star Trek, but an incredibly posh version of Star Trek. Then it’s served in a coupe glass garnished with an edible silver orchid, which is an ordinary edible orchid painted silver with edible silver paint.


The Liquid Platinum Margarita was created by bartender Rael Petit, and it will be available at Delilah in NYC for $100 a pop until the end of April. That’s a steep price for a Margarita, but when one of them goes through the room, everyone who sees it is probably going to want to try one.