Link Love: Drink Blogs

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Real alcoholic root beer; desserts turned into shakes; and other stories from food blogs you should read
Link Love: Drink Blogs
Courtesy of Salty Seattle

Three times a week, The Daily Byte rounds up stories worth reading and blogs worth following.

• Boozy root beer floats made with the pre-root beer alcoholic drink. [Salty Seattle]

• Remember cake-flavored vodka? Combine it with ice cream to make heady cake milkshakes. [Keep It Simple Foods]

• Pumpkin overload: pumpkin pie milkshakes. [Dashing Dish]

• A Cup of Jo picks out her top three New York City bars. [A Cup of Jo]

• Tartelette takes some gorgeous photos at an orchard for pear brandy. [Tartelette]

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