Link Love: Dining and Travel Blogs

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Why fresh noodles are amazing; Paris seen from below; and other stories from food blogs you should read
Link Love: Dining and Travel Blogs
Courtesy of NYC Foodie

Beef brisket soup from Fried Dumpling

Three times a week, The Daily Byte rounds up stories worth reading and blogs worth following.

• The joys of fresh Korean noodles, served in a spicy seafood broth. [The Traveling Food Critic]

• NYC Foodie checks out cheap eats in Chinatown. Dumplings and beef brisket soup are on the menu. [NYC Foodie]

• A blogger ate — and photographed — the Vendys last Saturday. [Chow Divine]

• Remember the gorgeous video of exiting subways in New York? Well, the filmmakers went to Paris and did the same thing. Equally gorgeous. [Vimeo/Redglass Pictures]

• A traveler tries out some bulgogi pizza in Sydney. [Grab Your Fork]

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