Link Love: Cooking and Entertaining Blogs

Best summer cookbooks; festive baking for the Fourth of July; and other stories from food blogs you should be reading

Link Love: Cooking and Entertaining Blogs

What makes great cooking and entertaining blogs? Smart and engaging content that focuses on a particular subject matter, accompanied most often by great photography and a hefty dose of opinion. The Daily Meal is dedicated to sifting through the vast array of content gracing the food blogosphere in order to deliver a daily sampling of the stories worth reading and the blogs worth following.

• YumSugar rounds up the best cookbooks being released this summer. [YumSugar]

• The ultimate induglent breakfast — poached egg, avocado, and smoked salmon benedict. [Petite Kitchenesse]

• Possibly the most festive Fourth of July cake ever created. [Secret Life of a Chef's Wife]

• How-to make corn dogs in the comfort of your own home! [Bakingdom]

• Spice up your go-to pizza toppings with kimchi and prosciutto. [Kohler Created]

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