Likkity's Frozen Custard: Sweet treat

Sweet treat

While staying at a friend's house in south Austin I went out on a quest for ice cream.  Likkity's Custard came up on Google Maps and I swung by to give it a try.  


Housed in a trailer off of Manchaca and fairly close to Slaughter, it is a sweet sight from the road.  Festive lights are strung and there is a patio visible to the left of the trailer.  Just beyond the patio they boast a double decker vintage bus that kids were having a blast in.  Right now they offer three flavors - chocolate, vanilla, and twist.  The standard toppings are available for sundaes or crush-ins.  I tried the chocolate custard.  The chocolate was belgian in flavor, the custard incredibly creamy and rich.  I had forgotten how delicious fresh custard can be!  The service was friendly and I really enjoyed this treat on a rare breezy Austin evening.  They offer a very unique flavor and texture to rival the likes of Amy's - but consumers must be prepared for the joys of simple flavors and a solid recipe.  

11519 Manchaca Rd
Austin, TX 78748