Lies You've Told Your Kids To Get Them To Eat Vegetables

You know you've done it; after what feels like hours of explaining, bargaining, and arguing with your kids in hopes of getting them to eat their vegetables, you finally resort to the oldest trick in the book — fibbing. But only because you have their best interests in mind, right? The funny thing is that these half-truths (ok, non-truths) we tell them often work despite the fact that they're completely ridiculous. Here are some of most common fibs that parents tell their kids in the name of nutrition. How many have you told? Which ones did your parents tell you?

Santa Won't Bring You Any Presents if You Don't Eat Your Vegetables

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All parents know that how cooperative kids are at dinner is in direct correlation to placement on Santa's naughty and nice list.

If You Eat Too Much Junk Food, You'll Grow a Mustache

Boys and girls alike beware — scientific studies have found that junk food promotes the growth of unwanted facial hair.

Spinach Gives You Super Powers

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Remember Popeye? Super strength isn't the only thing greens can do — they can make you fly and give you X-ray vision, too.

It's Delicious

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Carrots taste just like candy. Right.

Spongebob Loves Lettuce

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Everyone knows the top-secret crabby patty recipe is loaded with fresh vegetables, Mickey Mouse loves asparagus, and ballerinas can't get enough broccoli! Substitute your favorite character and vegetable and repeat as needed.

If You Eat Too Much of a Particular Food, You'll Turn Into It

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Thank you Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for reminding us of this important truth.

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