Leyla Abdollahi's Sensual Jewelry Speaks To Women With a Flair For the Dark and Dramatic


We’ve been known to share sweaters, bags or even shoes with close friends before (we like to think of our bbf’s closet as an extension of our own), but jewelry always seems to be the stopping point. It’s not that women don’t appreciate their friends’ taste in metals, but most prefer something that speaks to their own personal taste and style. Influenced by trends, environment or perhaps even their mother’s preference in jewels, women are starting to define themselves sartorially by the accessories they wear—chunky metals, delicate gems or classic lines can speak volumes about how a woman perceives herself and the world around her. Our new favorite designer Leyla Abdollahi designs for women with a flair for the dark and dramatic, with pieces that are heavily inspired by a vintage aesthetic. Large, colorful stones, dripping chains and statuesque silhouettes make for a line that’s almost too beautiful to share.

Leyla Abdollahi has a well-developed background in jewelry starting with her time at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design where she graduated with a BA in jewelry design. After finishing school she traveled overseas, studying fine art in Iran, taking further gemology courses abroad, working in the fashion industry and then doing custom work for individual clients. She now runs her own label creating collections of unique gemstone and metalwork while still creating custom pieces and designing for companies both across Britain and overseas. In 2009 she joined Urban Life magazine as jewelry editor and has received multiple nominations and won several awards for her work.

Her newest collection, Lust & Lure (which is as sexy as it sounds), is a modern twist on early Art Deco, influenced by the colors, themes and designs of the roaring ‘20s. Trying to blend a distinctive time period with her own personal character leaves the collection looking almost vintage in appearance but with contemporary touches that are almost unperceivable, making it look like an ultra-chic piece you happened to borrow from your grandmother’s closet. Transfixed in yellow, white and black gold, green emeralds, white diamonds and deep onyx are used heavily in the collection.

While meant to be a very conceptual line with each collection drawing from rich histories such as the ‘20s or Grecian mythos, each piece is a very wearable statement whether it be sensually dripping earrings or edgy triple-finger rings. If for some reason one of her artistic pieces doesn’t grab your attention, one can always commission a special design to capture their own personal style. But for women that want to convey their need for the dramatic, Leyla Abdollahi pieces are glittering perfection.