Levi's Stadium Revolutionizes The Halftime Buzz

Thanks to a new app developed by the team at soon-to-open Levi's Stadium, 49ers fans will never have to worry about missing half the game in the name of a beer buzz.

A new app will soon revolutionize beer drinking at the 2016 home of the Super Bowl, according to Bleacher Report. To find a beer faster than you can say "touchdown," simply tune into the stadium's new super-fast wifi and the app will tell them which spot in the stadium is the best to purchase a frothy libation.

The innovation is just a drop in the bucket of many that will come with the new stadium that opens next season, according to Extra Mustard. In addition to the app and super speedy wifi, the stadium will also sport 13,000 square feet of video board and increased mobile connectivity. These innovations have caught the attention of many sports analysts, including Yahoo Sports' Rand Getlin, according to Bleacher Report."Technology in the 49ers new stadium is amazing," he wrote on Twitter. "Will have an app that allows you to find the shortest beer lines. Mind blown."

Now, if they could only make the beer cheaper...