Let's Just Deep-Fry Some Champagne for New Years

Specifically, we're going to make some wine jelly deep-fried with champagne batter
Deep-Fried Wine and Champagne

Come New Year's Day, you probably won't be regretting your decision to drink less, but you'll probably regret your decision to eat less carbs. So really, the best way to prep for the new year (and the resolutions) is to eat a lot of fried things beforehand, so you wake up on January 1 refreshed (maybe) and possibly not hungover.*

So for your New Year's party, may we suggest: deep-fried kale for the health-conscious, deep-fried corned beef for the meat lovers, and deep-fried risotto for everyone. And of course, the deep-fried wine in champagne batter, because why not put booze in the food? Macy's has rounded up five recipes in a nifty infographic, perfect for planning a meal to serve at your upcoming festivities if you're lucky enough to have a deep fryer. And of course, plenty of these dishes (corned beef, black-eyed peas) symbolize luck for the new year.

*Obviously if you're on a health kick, we don't recommend an entire meal of deep-fried food.

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Graphic courtesy of Macy's