Let's Celebrate Iced Coffee Season, 'Breaking Bad' Style

New York City's Birch Coffee is offering its iced coffee growlers in hazmat style

Photo 2012-227 Iced Coffee Modified: Flickr/ Denise Krebs/ CC4.0

Birch Coffee is delivering growlers of iced coffee.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, when we can finally put down the hot coffees and diet-busting coffee drinks of winter and order our refreshing iced coffees. And no one is more excited about that than Birch Coffee in New York City. 

Owners Jeremy Lyman and Paul Schlader have really gotten into the launch of iced coffee season with a full-on homage to Breaking Bad photoshoot dedicated to their "cook." Why? Because Birch Coffee isn't one of those coffee shops that simply pours its hot coffee over ice (that's a big no-no); the process of brewing iced coffee is much like distilling a spirit — it takes a certain craft to make something that intricate and delicious. (We could make a lot of Breaking Bad-related jokes comparing the creation of iced coffee to meth, but we won't go there.) 

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Birch Coffee will now be delivering growlers of its iced coffee from its two Manhattan locations, and soon-to-open Upper West Side location. (If you order before April 16, you'll get the delivery for free — and yes, the deal is called "Upping the Ante.") So hey, spring is almost here so let's get cooking — er, we mean drinking — iced coffee.