Let’s Do Lunch, Hollywood Style

Tinseltown producers, execs and agents name their favorite places to nosh
Shaena Engle

Bouchon was ranked one of the top spots for a power lunch.

Now that it’s officially award season, you might think the most important place to be seen in Hollywood is at The Golden Globe Awards, the Emmy Awards or the Oscars. Actually, the most important location is lunch.

No one in Hollywood eats lunch for the sake of hunger. Lunch is much more than a meal. It’s where deals are made, where executives woo talent, where agents pitch clients and celebrities are seen.

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Where does all this action take place? Luckily for us lay folk, The Hollywood Reporter has just released findings from their “2014 Power Lunch Survey,” where 250 top industry producers, executives and agents weighed in on where to eat lunch. The January 24 edition of the magazine lists to top 25 winners. Most restaurants shared common characteristics – good location, quick service and a Hollywood savvy staff. The top ten, in order of best first, include Soho House, The Polo Lounge, Barney Greengrass, The Grill on the Alley, Cecconi’s, Ammo, Chateau Marmont, Bouchon, La Scala and e.baldi.  The rest of the list can be found in the January issue of The Hollywood Reporter.