The Lesser-Known Wine of Argentina

Staff Writer
Torrontés, a lesser-known gem worth tasting

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

When you think of Argentina you probably think steak, leather, tango, and malbec. Add to that list torrontés, a grape used to produce a distinguished white that is making its way onto wine lists worldwide. It’s pure Argentina in a bottle.

The grape is grown in several provinces in Argentina but the main one is called Salta.

Torrontés most closely resembles viognier, boasting citrus and floral notes, yet it’s fresh and crisp. It’s dry with a just enough body to pair with a cheese like Manchego or Petite Basque. Torrontés goes well with a green or herb salad or seafood, but it’s also great with spicy ethnic food like Indian and Thai.

The wine is a great value at $10 to $15 a bottle depending on its producer. Crios, Ruca Malen, and Catena Alamos are noteworthy, though there are many to choose from as the wine gains popularity in the United States.

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