Les Clefs d'Or Shares Stories Of Hotel Concierges Making The Impossible, Possible

Remember the 1960's TV show, I Dream of Jeannie? The one with Barbara Eden as a 2,000-year-old genie in love with her astronaut master? She vowed to make all his wishes come true and if you've ever watched an episode, you may have found yourself wishing you too had your own personal genie. Imagine the impossible things you could ask for that would magically appear...life would be a lot more interesting.
In the real world, actual genies are hard to come by (they exist, right?), and so, in their absence, luxury concierges around the world have had to step-in to fulfill those extreme requests. Travelers to four- and five-star resorts are learning that as part of their experience, professionals are able to make the impossible, possible. Over-the-top requests and unbelievable tasks have become the norm. Just read some of the examples Les Clefs d'Or, the country's original hotel lobby concierge association, have heard of real life wishes being granted.