Legends Hospitality To Handle Food Operations At 1 World Trade Center

A three-level, glass-enclosed observatory will open at the top of New York's under-construction 1 World Trade Center in 2014, according to City Room, and the company that's been chosen to run the food service operation up there is a familiar one to those who have recently been to a sporting event: Legends Hospitality.

The company, which locally runs all foodservice operations for Yankee Stadium and Circle Line cruises, was chosen from a host of applicants. While it's still unclear exactly what form the restaurant will take or who the chef will be, odds are that it won't remotely resemble Windows on the World, which was a high-end restaurant on top of the former World Trade Center. According to City Room, the Port Authority wants to keep the tourists happy, which means that the restaurant will most likely be a casual operation connected to the observatory.

The lease apparently runs for 15 years, though, so odds are that it will morph a bit as time goes on. Our guess is that we'll learn of a big-name chef connected to the eatery by the end of the year, as Legends has been known to work with some culinary stars in the past.