Leave It To Silicon Valley To Find Out A Way To Turn Toilet Water To Tap Water

Silicon Valley is known as being one of the smartest cities in America, which means its engineers  must've but a lot of thought into the new Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center. The $68 million facility could soon turn American sewage into clean drinkable water, hopefully by October,for the San Jose area.

Don't be worried though — although the water derives from sewage, it will reportedly be six times cleaner than your tap water. Marty Grimes of the Santa Clara Valley Water District told the Huffington Post, "To give you an idea, this facility should be able to produce water that has a TDS (total dissolved solids) content of 40 parts per million," he said. Normal tap water usually has 250 parts per million of TDS.

The water will be used for irrigation, landscaping, industrial processes, and other uses reserved for recycled water. Sounds tasty, but unfortunately this H2O wont be coming out of your tap at home, at least not yet because of public perception. "It takes a long time to educate folks and grasp this concept that this water can be purified to a level that's cleaner than what we are already drinking," said Grimes to CBS. "In 20 years, it may be our best choice."