Learn How to Mail a Slice of Cake

SheKnows tutorial teaches crafty types how to make cake postcards

After hearing friends and family say time and time again, “I wish you could mail me a birthday cake,” Sandra Denneler of SheKnows.com got down to work. The result? This step-by-step tutorial instructing readers how to make greeting cards that look just like thick slices of birthday cake.

The recipe for this edible art project involves only five ingredients – a large sponge, spray paint, caulk, spray adhesive and heavy paper.

Cost of postage? $3 per slice. The recipients’ reactions as they open their mailbox to find a slice of cake waiting for them? Priceless.

The cake slice post cards aren’t the only food-related project tutorial on the website either. SheKnows also has ideas on how to make edible art projects like exploding cake pops, candy kebabs, and a brownie that looks like a steak filet.

For step-by-step instructions for making the greeting cards, visit the Living section of the SheKnows website.