Le Baratin: Affordable French Cuisine

Argentinian Chef Raquel Carena cooks without a plan, and possibly that's what's led her little Le Baratin to become so accredited. With reasonable prices and delicious food, it's hard to beat the deal she's offering here.

To start, the calamari and squid ink appetizer is highly requested, as are the veal cheeks with vegetables, salmon with leeks in a wine vinaigrette, and braised calves' sweetbreads as main dishes. For dessert, diners go for Le Baratin's chocolate mousse or the apple and red-fruit crumble. Though the service seems to be somewhat spotty, diners cannot complain about the amount of the food and drink they get for their money.

Carena told Entre Chefs, "I always work instinctively. It just comes! Sometimes an idea can be taken from here or there ... but mainly I have to adapt to what the market has." Stop by any day and you'll find something made from what she picked up fresh at the market.