Lavo's Piccola Noce Recipe

Lavo's Piccola Noce Recipe
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A seasonal cocktail from the bar at Lavo New York. Whenever I create a new cocktail, I start with a feeling or a fond memory for inspiration. Taste and smells are two senses that are most directly linked with our memory. You know how sometimes you smell something and it can take you back to a time far in the past? Like a carnival corn or a musty grandparents’ house?  For the Piccola Noce, or Little Walnut, I wanted to create a rich and comforting beverage that would wrap me up in the holiday season. It can be freezing outside, but just inside the window you can sit there and be warm with a drink — that is what  I wanted to create. For me, the flavors that come to mind here are chocolate, walnuts, and coffee. I started by combining these flavors, but they seemed a bit heavy to me. This is where the peppermint and the mint leave came in. The minty addition gives the drink lift, while the cream and espresso liqueur makes me feel at home!