Lavazza Releases Edible Coffee Cup

Lavazza has invented a cup you can eat made from a cookie

For those who like to get a sweet, caffeine-fuelled start to their day, meet the newest invention that is sure to revolutionize your morning: the edible coffee cup. Italian coffee company Lavazza developed a cookie cup lined with a special frosting that holds just the perfect amount of coffee. Now you can grab your coffee and breakfast to go in one easy step.

The cup was created by Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi in conjunction with Lavazza and Cataldo Parisi, head chef of a Turin-based bakery. To prevent the cup from getting soggy, the interior frosting is hard and acts as insulation, slowly sweetening the coffee as you drink. For those who aren’t too keen on vanilla, there’s also a chocolate version available. The cup is made from pasta frolla, a slightly sweet Italian tart dough that holds its shape well.

Lavazza and Sardi created the cup after analyzing Italians’ breakfast traditions and figuring out what new way to drink coffee would streamline their mornings. As of now the cup is only available in Italy but if it is successful there versions of this cup might begin popping up all over.  You could even be ordering your cappuccino from Starbucks in a cookie cup before you know it!