Latte Art Goes 3-D

We're expecting some article titled "Has Latte Art Jumped the Shark" in a couple of days, but you have to give props to Japanese barista Kazuki Yamamoto for thinking above the brim when it comes to latte art.

Website Bored Panda first tipped us off to Yamamoto's creations, who uses the foam to create towering (albeit temporary) sculptures of steamed milk.

Bored Panda reports that Yamamoto is currently based in Osaka and baristas at Cafe10g (although he dreams of opening his own coffee shop), where he experiments with 3-D latte art as well as an impressive array of flat foam paintings; he paints manga and video game characters, historical figures like Albert Einstein and John Lennon, and of course, plenty of cats.

Check out his vast collection of latte art over on his Twitter, and click through our slideshow for the very best 3-D foam sculptures we've found. Aspiring baristas, it's time to step up your presentation game.