The Latke Experiment Recipe

The Latke Experiment Recipe
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My kitchen was a disaster. Potato bits coated the floor, forest-green sprinkles of dill and drops of oil were everywhere and a handful of bloody potatoes sat in the corner — It was my first time making latkes (and I cut my finger).  After reading dozens of recipes, I decided to experiment on my own (hence the kitchen disaster). I left out flour because I wanted to make it gluten-free, and then cooked batches of latkes in three different types of pans, varying amounts of oil, heat, and even dipping the potato mixture in beaten eggs before frying (delicious, but it looked kind of like an omelette). Even though my first batch ended up as hash browns, I eventually realized that a lot of oil, moderate heat and patience were key for good latkes. (But I'd still love any advice from experienced latke makers on how to improve.)
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