Latest Trend in the UK: Bite-Size Candy


In July, Mars will be releasing “Twix Mix,” with “Mars Mix” coming soon after.

It looks like bite-size candies might become the next big thing, at least in the UK.

Over the past four years, bite-size confectionary has undergone a 40% growth, making it worth some 859 million dollars. 

In July, Mars will be releasing “Twix Mix”, with “Mars Mix” following soon after.

According to Nicola Lacey, central sales director of Mars Chocolate UK, the reason for this growth in sales is because consumers are not going out as much. “As we continue to see consumers swapping their big night out for a big night in, we have witnessed the incredible impact this has had on the confectionary market and in particular on bite--size products,” she told

In addition to their newer mixes, Mars also has M&M, Maltesers, Minstrels, Milky Way, Galaxy, and Revels candies in bite-size form.


It looks like these products are becoming equally popular in the U.S, with bite-sized products winning an award for most innovative new chocolate product at the US. National Confectioners Association Sweet and Snacks Expo this May.