Last Shipment of Twinkies Arrives in Chicago

Jewel-Osco claims they received the last Hostess shipment ever this morning

Oh, great; while everyone is going on about how the Twinkie is never going to die because, you know, the recipe is probably going to be bought by some other company to make millions once the world ends next week (that company better GET ON IT), Jewel Osco in Chicago has announced that they've received their final Hostess shipment. That's 20,000 boxes of Twinkies around Chicago, plus 5,000 boxes of Ding Dongs, Zingers, and Orange Cupcakes.

Jewel, the Chicago grocery chain, says this is the last Hostess shipment ever. Which means, obviously, that people should be charging the stores to stockpile them (read: they're probably raiding the stores right now).

The Chicago Tribune reports that 10 customers were waiting in line at 7 a.m. to grab all the Twinkies at one Jewel store (they sold out of Twinkies afterward). A bunch of other newspapers are calling it "Twinkie madness," probably envisioning folks loading cars with the cream-filled pastry. But honestly guys? They're not that great. Please don't freak out in the comments below.


Check out which stores do and don't have the Twinkies shipments in Chicago here; they'll be sold at regular price without any specials or price hikes, which is pretty solid considering there is definitely a market shortage of Twinkies right now.