Last-Minute Valentine Sweets In Princeton

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Still in need for some chocolates or other sweets for your valentine? Don't worry, there is still hope, as there are plenty of options for a last-minute cake or box of truffles in Princeton!

Creative and Delicious: Thomas Sweet Chocolates


Photo by Lisa Gong


Photo By Lisa Gong

Stocking novelty chocolates and candies in a variety of shapes ranging from hearts to animals and storing traditional truffles in coolers along the store's counter, Thomas Sweet Chocolates offers a wide range of sweets. Purchase a chocolate sculpture of the Eiffel Tower for a francophile Valentine, or a sports-themed set complete with chocolate lacrosse equipment for an athletic lover. Whether you are looking to fill a $30 heart shaped container or to find a simple gift for a few dollars, T-Sweets has a creative and amusing option for you.

Ice Cream Cake!: Halo Fête


Photo by Lisa Gong


Photo by Lisa Gong

The winter storms may wreak havoc with everyday life on campus, but at least you do not have to worry about your ice cream melting! Located in the seating area of Halo Pub, Halo Fête offers ice cream cakes prepared with Halo Farm's lovingly crafted ice cream. For Valentine's Day, expect $17 heart-shaped cakes for larger groups of 8-10 as well as $4 individual slices decorated with pink and gold to match the holiday's spirit. Prepared for a last-minute rush, the store has cakes of all sizes ready to be picked up at any time. Do not forget to grab a couple of their $1 chocolate-covered strawberries on your way out!

For the Allergic and the Environmentally Conscious: infini-T


Photo by Lisa Gong

Offering teas as well as vegan and gluten-free baked goods, infini-T should satisfy any high maintenance, health conscious Valentines. The store's baked  goods include crispy almond and peanut butter cookies, glazed scones, moist chocolate and matcha cupcakes (my personal favorite). Make sure to ask the friendly staff for assistance, as they often change up their offerings, and some of the offered items are not gluten-free or vegan.

Traditional yet Elegant: Chez Alice Café & Bakery


Photo by Lisa Gong


Photo by Lisa Gong

This traditional bakery offers romantic and well-known Valentine's gifts. Chez Alice provides a range of meticulously decorated bakery items including $20 cakes and tortes and the $2.50 Linzer cookies pictured above. Other offerings include black and white cookies and macaroons.

 Really last-minute...


Photo by Lisa Gong

Truly last minute shoppers rejoice, for there is always salvation in the Wawa and the U-Store! The U-Store offers golden heart-shaped boxes stuffed with Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates, as well as thinner containers filled with Hershey's. In the Wa, look for a shelf of Valentine-themed candies facing the sandwich-making area.

Thomas Sweet Chocolates:

10 AM – 9 PM Thurs-Fri

Phone number: (609) 924-7222

Lindt Chocolate Shop & Beverage Bar :

(did not allow photography, but stocks the familiar Lindt truffles and a variety of other chocolates)

10 AM – 9 PM Thurs-Fri

Phone number: (609) 279-1889

Halo Pub/Fête:

7 AM- 11 PM Thurs
7 AM – 11:30 PM Fri

Phone number: (609) 921-1710

infini-T Café & Spice Souk:

8 AM – 12 AM Thurs-Fri

Phone number: (609) 454-3959

Chez Alice Café & Bakery:

7 AM – 8:30 PM Thurs-Fri

Phone number: (609) 921-6760




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