Last-Minute Tips for an Easy Fourth of July

Don’t stress out about your 4th of July party
Easy July 4th Tips

Follow these tips for a great Fourth of July!

July 4th is the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress in 1776.  Today, we celebrate with fireworks, picnics, BBQs, parades, flags and food.  It is a holiday we were all meant to share. Invite everyone over — it’s the most casual and relaxed holiday of the year!

With these easy entertaining tips you can be a guest at your own event.

  1. Go  big with your décor. Use a large flag to drape the buffet table. Set up early in the day. Forget the mini flag toothpicks! Go big and go bold.
  2. When someone asks if they can bring something, say yes. Tell them what you would like them to bring. Be specific, and know what is coming. One less thing for you to do!
  3. Buy a few large, metal coolers and pack them with ice and drinks. Include opened bottles of rosé wine and white wine. Have glasses nearby so guests can help themselves.
  4. Buy a lot of inexpensive bandanas in blue and red, and some fun wicker baskets. Roll the bandanas and present them as napkins, and use them in the wicker baskets for buns, silverware, marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, and more.
  5. Greet people with a cold drink. This is the perfect holiday for red sangria with lots of blueberries. Pre-pour glasses and have them near the entry.
  6. Construct an easy, make-ahead menu.
  7. Grill Hot Dogs and Burgers. Make a lot and platter them, so you can let guests put them together themselves.
  8. Remind people of their childhoods with dessert.  S’mores and make-your-own ice cream sundaes are perfect.
  9. Get Sparklers! Everyone loves them. Pass them out with dessert for a super fun end to the meal.
  10. Don’t forget music, especially if you are outside.  Music fills in all the quiet moments.  And don’t forget to start the music early when you are setting up!
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