Last-Minute Party Ideas

Here are three quick fixes that will help save any party
Quick Party Plan

These fast-thinking menus will get you out of a party bind.

Sure, we can tell you how to prepare for a stress-free party until we are blue in the face, but the fact is there will be always last-minute emergencies. One of the most frightening emergencies is unexpected guests. The mentality of “the more the merrier” is great until you realize you’re out of food and you didn’t make it presentable enough. To help you weather these storms, we pulled together quick-fix decor and menu ideas that will help you pull of the perfect party in a pinch!

Quick Appetizers

Want to pull together a hors d'oeuvres spread that will delight in a pinch? Get creative with the help of toothpicks. Suddenly lunch meat and cheese become gourmet bites when they are simply folded and skewered along with a pickle or an olive.

Simple Table

If you don't have time to arrange an artful floral centerpiece, look around your house for interesting knickknacks that will give your table a personality. Try using a vase full of potpourri for a festive and fresh display. Interesting sculptures paired with candles and folded napkins can also make the table pop with personality.

Fast Desserts

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If you didn't have time to bake a fresh cake, don't sweat it! No-bake desserts are a fabulous option but also talk time to cool and set. If you're really in a pinch, gather all of the ingredients necessary to make an ice cream sundae bar! Gets can assemble their own and you can be stress–free.