Last-Minute Labor Day Recipes

If you haven’t given much thought to your Labor Day barbecue, we have a few easy recipes for you

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Make your last big barbecue of the summer a good one with three easy recipes.

For most, Labor Day is the last big barbecue of the summer. If you’re been busy soaking up the last few days of summer and haven’t given much thought to what to cook up on Labor Day, we have a few ideas for you. These recipes for classic Labor Day cookout favorites are easy to make, even if you’re short on time.

The Main Dish
Spice up your Labor Day burgers by stuffing them with salty feta cheese. If you love Greek flavors, try topping them with tzatziki sauce and cucumbers. Click here for the recipe.

The Side Dish
Whether you’re grilling up steaks, chicken, or burgers, every Labor Day cookout needs a good pasta salad. Try this one with avocado and pesto; the pesto sauce comes together in a matter of minutes. Click here for the recipe.

The Dessert
Can’t decide if you should end the last big cookout of the summer with s’mores or an ice cream sandwich? Lucky for you, this recipe combines both. Click here for the recipe.

Click here for more Labor Day barbecue ideas.

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