Last-Minute Beach Picnic Ideas From Chef David Burke

Summer is winding down, and for most of us that means using up our saved vacation days and heading to the beach for the week. Eating at the beach might not seem ideal, but it can be a great destination for a picnic, so long as you know how to do it correctly.

The first thing to remember is to protect your food from the outdoor elements. You never want the sand, wind, or heat to ruin your picnic, so be sure to wrap all of your items in plastic wrap or foil. Liquid dishes such as cold or room-temperature soup are great to bring to the beach because you can keep them in a thermos and they'll hold up. If you're getting fancy and want to keep your presentation skills in check, pack sauces or condiments in mini squeeze bottles for easy and safe plating. Kebabs, requiring no silverware, are another great dish to serve at the beach. Wait to assemble them until you get there, though, and be sure to pre-cut all items so it is simple to assemble while on the beach. When you're ready to sit down into the sand and eat, lay out a fresh towel that's sand-free and place weights along the corners to keep it weighed down.

If you really want to impress your beach buds, my shrimp ceviche is the perfect beach-weather dish that will hold up well in a chilled cooler. 

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