LAN Airlines Announces Master Sommelier-Chosen 2014 Wine List

LAN Airlines Announces Master Sommelier-Chosen 2014 Wine List

Every year, LAN Airlines goes through an extensive wine selection process that whittles down the varietals that will be offered for Premium Business Class flyers. After due diligence and some tough choices between 300 different wines from around Chili and Argentina, the list of 30 has been finalized for 2014 by LAN Airlines' expert wine panel, including the company's Master Sommelier, Hector Vergara.

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"We are challenged to continuously offer a premier travel experience with more and better services. We know that the onboard experience is of the utmost importance to our passengers and we strive to continue meeting that expectation," says Fernanda Toro, Director of Travel Experience for LATAM Airlines Group.

The wines will feature on six menus throughout the year, with five wines available at a time, and the menus will be updated every two months until March 2015. The sections include 18 Chilean and 12 Argentinian wines, including favorites like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, as well as various blends that should offer a tantalizing change of pace for connoisseurs.

LAN Airlines wine selection

"We selected wines that best reflect the features of their vines, keeping in mind that the wines will be consumed on board an airplane, where cabin pressure at high altitude affects and changes sensory perceptions. The wines chosen for this year are expressive and fruity, and will without a doubt be very much enjoyed by the passengers," says Hector Vergara.

Coming May 2014, this wine list will be available on Lan Airlines' Boeing 787s, 767s, and their Airbus A340s for those traveling via Premium Business seating.