Lady Gaga's Drink Of Choice: Tea

Gaga has put down the Jameson and picked up a tea cup instead. New reports show that the head of the world's "little monsters" has become an exclusively PG-Tips tea drinker. 

DJ Lady Starlight, who is currently touring with Lady Gaga, confirmed to media outlets that PG Tips tea is one of the singer's requests for her backstage area at concerts and shows — hence why she always has a tea cup in her hand. "It's the best black tea and she makes sure it's on the list, wherever we play," she said. (PG Tips is obviously super happy with the non-called-for endorsement.) And while on tour, Gaga has banned alcohol from dressing rooms (but ordered in vegetarian hot dogs and roast chicken). 

Lady Gaga's tea-drinking habit has inspired not just a Facebook page dedicated to her tea cups, but also an awe-inspiring graphic design project: "Gaga Tea." Created by graphic design student Natalie Hallman, who was applying to schools in Stockholm, the Gaga Tea Box includes 10 varieties of tea, each with its own caricature of Lady Gaga's many personas. (We personally like the Meat Maniac, Diet Coke Dar(jee)ling, and Double Bubble blends.) Said Hallman on her Tumblr, "There are 10 unique tea bags to suit every little monster's taste buds." Watch out, Hallman: there will be some little monsters banging down your door to get their own Gaga Tea Box.