Is Lady Gaga Launching Bottled Water?

We're actually a little surprised that it's not tea: new reports say that the queen of the Little Monsters is working on a bottled water launch. 

The New York Daily News reports that Lady Gaga will launch a "healthy drinking water brand" (what, because drinking other water is so unhealthy?) with a multi-million dollar advertising campaign. Of course, it's all a big secret in the Gaga headquarters; said one source close to the star, "Everyone at Gaga HQ is keeping very tight-lipped. There are plans being prepared for marketing strategies." 

Of course, what everyone is really buzzing about is the shape of the water bottle — after all, how do you really top a perfume bottle shaped like the egg you rode into the VMAs? Said the source, no one has seen the prototype for the bottled water. Let the guessing games begin...