Labor Day Eating Traditions

See ya, summer!

There's no reason not to grill this Labor Day.

Labor Day is the last gasp of summer, the last day off of work before it starts to turn cold, and the unofficial end of summer for kids getting ready to head back to school. So when it comes time to pick out your Labor Day menu, the most important thing to keep in mind is, obviously, summer!

It’s best to stick with classic American foods when you’re planning what to eat on Labor Day. You’re definitely going to want to fire up the grill if you have one, and toss on some burgers, dogs, and steaks. If you have a deep-fryer, might as well fire that up as well and make some fried chicken and corn dogs. On the side, Boston baked beans, and classic mayo-based cole slaw and potato salad are always good options, washed down with some lemonade and cold cans of beer. And for dessert, how about some apple or blueberry pie?

If you can finagle a picnic, food like this always tastes better when eaten on a picnic blanket under a bright blue sky.

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While it’s always important to remember the unions and workers that inspired the holiday, in the end Labor Day is about rest and relaxation. So get together with friends and family, eat some comforting classics, and take it as easy as possible, because winter will be here before you know it.